Allora came to life in 2016 while working on a small farm in the Umbrian Hills. I lived the farm to table life of fresh produce, local ingredients, and hand made pasta. Everyday I cracked eggs, sprinkled salt, rolled dough, and learned the art of making pasta from scratch.

Allora roughly translates to “So, then…” or “Okay, now…” It’s an Umbrian way to open a story, begin a sentence, or impart a little wisdom. Sara, the woman who inspired me to start Allora, used the word constantly. She made me wish we had a similar word in English, but some things defy translation. She taught me the importance of fresh ingredients, of locally sourced produce, and the importance of time and care to making beautiful hand made pasta.

I immediately fell in love. The flour, the oil, the local produce, the ritual, the patience; all combined to result in the type of experience that only comes when you use the best ingredients to prepare food with love. At Allora, we bring that love back to you. 

Peace, love, and pasta, 

Cameo Fucci

Owner // Pasta Maker